Beginning Cherokee

This textbook combines an everyday vocabulary of words and phrases, gradual familiarity with the Cherokee syllabary, and an introduction to Cherokee verb-and-noun building methods.


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Cherokee-English Dictionary

More than just a word list, this dictionary gives a break down of each part of speech and goes into the sentence structure, syntax, and even the pitch of the Cherokee language.
A must have book for anyone looking to learn the Cherokee language.

Simply Cherokee - Syllabary

Teaches how to quickly and easily recall the entire Cherokee Syllabary.
Relatable stories, key words, and sounds regarding each syllabary character. Review lessons help reinforce Cherokee syllabary learning and give confidence needed to read and write basic Cherokee.
Can be used independently or in a classroom setting.
By Cherokee citizen Marc Case.


Cherokee Calling

A guide to spiritual growth and a great book if you are interested in Cherokee culture, spiritual beliefs, living close to nature, and ghost stories. Written by Cherokee National Living Treasure Al Herrin.